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Couples & Relationship Retreats

We offer retreats for Couples and Poly Families.  These retreats focus on incorporating Radical Acceptance into relationships to improve communication, understanding, and intimacy.  


 Topics include:

  • Learning to understand your partner(s) better

  • Learning tools for improved communication

  • Learning to embrace the fullness of intimacy

  • And others 

Couples and Relationship Retreats are based on the Nurture Play Structure Model.  These retreats incorporate radical acceptance with other relational models of therapy to introduce couples and poly families to tools to improve communication, trust and intimacy.  


Couples and Relationship Retreats can be held onsite or virtually.  They are also customizable to your community's particular needs and interests.  Onsite retreats are preferable. 


If you are interested in working with Trinitas Retreats, please contact us. 

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