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LGBTQ+ Spiritual Retreats

Bringing together Queer Theology, Queer Theory, and Radical Acceptance, we offer retreats aimed specifically to the LGBTQ+ community.  In these retreats we explore queer specific trauma and strive to reclaim the Gospel through a queer lens.  Topics include:

  • Understanding closet trauma

  • Learning how to receive nurture (and why this is difficult for LGBTQ+ individuals)

  • Reading queerness in the Bible

  • And others 

LGBTQ+ retreats are based on the Nurture Play Structure Model.  These retreats incorporate radical acceptance with queer theory and queer theology to address specific challenges faced by LGBTQ+ Christians.  These retreats are designed to give LGBTQ+ individuals safe and affirming spaces to name their pain, learn from one another, and to discover tools to let go of learned and performative behaviors. 


LGBTQ+ Retreats can be held onsite or virtually.  They are also customizable to your community's particular needs and interests.  


If you are interested in working with Trinitas Retreats for your church leadership, please contact us. 

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