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Pricing varies according to retreat location, length, and number of participants.  We are happy to discuss pricing options with you. 

Retreat and Pricing Options

Trinitas Hosted Retreats

We host retreats at a variety of locations throughout the year.  Pricing for Trinitas Hosted Retreats are dependent upon location, number of attendees, and other factors.  Specific pricing can be found on each Trinitas Hosted Retreat page.  Generally, fees average between $250-$450 per participant. 

Group Hosted Retreats

We also travel to you!  If you are interested in hosting a retreat, please let us know.  Rates are dependent upon travel, length of the retreat, and number of participants.  Generally, hosts cover travel costs, lodging, and pay a fee ranging between $500-$3000.

Online Retreats

In addition to in-person retreats, we offer online 6-week retreats.  Typically, online retreats meet for 90-minutes weekly for 6-weeks.  We require a minimum of 6 participants for online retreats.  Fees for online retreats are billed at $150-$250 per participant for the entire 6-weeks. 

Customizable Retreats

Trinitas Retreats are customizable to your needs.  We can host, come to you, or meet online.  Let us know what type of retreat you had in mind.  Topics and pricing are scalable to your needs and interests. 

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